The sequel to The Caning Mistress and book 2 of The Spanking Mistress Trilogy, featuring the Kinky Headmistress, and her MILF daughter and BBW granddaughter, spanking and humiliating submissive males.
    Also features Mrs Berkley, the proprietress of the kinkiest hotel in England.
    The Kinky Headmistress accepts a new pupil into her school because he has rich parents. But the pupil is an unruly, gun-toting, anarchist who insults women. The headmistress and her female staff, and also her daughter and granddaughter, combine to discipline him and his parents.
    Enjoy bondage, sadism, masochism, submission, nooseplay - and romance in one BDSM novel.
    ‘A mother has arrived with her son without an appointment; wants the school to take him. He’s just been expelled from his last school.’
    The headmistress peered up at the speaker, Carol Reynolds, her secretary, through her half moon glasses, which made her look the epitome of a school mistress. ‘Would you be kind enough to say that we have a full complement of pupils for this term and cannot accommodate a new pupil. Also, we don’t need any more trouble makers. But don’t add that bit.’
    ‘The mother’s a lady.’
    ‘Mother’s usually are, Carol. At least, they’re usually female. Whether they always deserve the title of ‘a lady’ is questionable.’
    ‘This one’s a real lady. With a title. And money. Arrived in a Bentley.’
    The headmistress looked up from the accounts she was perusing. ‘Title?’
    ‘Lady So and So. Son’s very good-looking. His mother obviously dotes on him.’
    ‘Well, Carol, who am I to refuse someone in need of an education. Show them in.’
    A minute or so later, Carol ushered in a tall, elegant, expensively dressed beauty in her forties. ‘This is Lady Teakwood, headmistress.’
    Having shown the statuesque matriarch into the headmistress’s study, Carol returned to her room adjacent to the study, which also functioned as a waiting room for pupils, staff and parents with an appointment to see the headmistress.
    The prospective new pupil sat on a chair and gave Carol a leer. Carol was not unused to schoolboys and male parents and male teachers giving her admiring - if furtive - glances. She had a curvaceous, fulsome figure which she emphasised by wearing tightly fitting blouses and pencil-skirts. However, this was an obvious leer with unpleasant undertones as if the youth was trying to look and be offensive.
    ‘You’ve got fucking nice tits. And one hell of an arse,’ the boy said, in a coarse accent. He leered again. ‘Fancy a fuck?’
    Carol stared at him coldly. She was twenty six, with a penchant for eighteen year old boys. After her cold stare she smiled sweetly. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your first name.’
    ‘Julian - Julian Teakstone.’ He looked surprised at her calm response, and the coarse accent was replaced by aristocratic vowels.
    ‘I’m Carol. Miss Stannard’s secretary and personal assistant. Show me your penis.’

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