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The English Vice flourished in in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries in England; the periods known as Victorian and Edwardian; around 50 per cent of all pornography produced from 1840 to 1880 had a flogging theme.
The English Vice is usually thought of as spanking the buttocks using a cane or a birch or a paddle or a leather tawse.
Flagellation is another term that is sometimes used but is less specific, and includes whipping. Flagellation is often referred to as fladge.
The English Vice is also usually considered to be the beating of a masochistic and docile male by a dominant and aggressive female. In many case, the preference was for a mature dominant female or dominatrix, older than the male.
Probably the most famous dominatrix of all time was Mrs Theresa Berkley (sometimes her surname is spelt Berkeley) who died in 1836. Mrs Berkley made a fortune from her flagellation brothel in the fashionable West End of London. She specialised in whipping men and women of wealth.
Mrs Berkley is also credited with inventing a special whipping frame which is usually referred to as Mrs Berkley's Horse or Mrs Berkeley's Horse.

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