Stays and Gloves
Stays and Gloves was first published in 1909 in Paris, printed on hand-made paper in a limited edition of 330 copies. It was called Éducation Anglaise in France. A boy is sent to a boarding school where he is forced to wear tight corsets and long gloves, as well as high-heeled shoes. Lady Flayskin, the head-mistress, whips her pupils for the slightest misdemeanour.
Stays and Gloves, a classic novel of the English Vice, is available for immediate electronic download included in a bumper edition with 5 other classic spanking novels, being Birch in the Boudoir, Astrid Cane, Sadopaideia, Miss High Heels and The Memoirs of Dolly Morton. Stays and Gloves is 48,266 words. The 6 spanking novels together total over 310,000 words.

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