Grushenka is arrested on her return to Moscow and thrown into prison.
After hours of waiting, two constables called for her and led her before the district captain. He was a short man with a round face and small piercing eyes, impatient to get through with his duties. He hardly looked at her travel documents, and asked what the charge was.
  "She's a whore," said one of the constables, "that's all."
  Grushenka had not expected that. She had no story ready to answer this charge and being at a loss for an answer she sputtered out a lot of words to deny the accusation. The sharp question of the captain as to how she was living received the answer, "On my money." But she could not prove that she had any. When she said that she had just returned from foreign countries his suspicions arose even more.
  "Maybe there is more about her than whoring," he said. "Maybe she is a spy or a member of one of those secret societies who wants to overthrow our beloved Czar. Anyway, make her talk. Put her on the horse. She'll tell us all about it in an hour."
  The policemen dragged her away in spite of her shrieks and protests. They took her back to the prison and into the torture chamber. They beat and kicked her viciously. She found it better not to fight them and to keep still.
  "That's better," remarked one of them. "Behave like a lamb and we will not bite you like wolves," a joke which both of them greatly enjoyed. But they took no chances with her. They took her bodice off, removed her stays, tore the ribbon from her petticoat, which fell down by itself, and roughly removed her long trousers. They then tied her arms to her back with a strong cord. After that they took it easy and looked her over.
  Grushenka's figure had changed greatly during her stay abroad. Her fine, gracious form had filled out; she was plump and firm; her bust, now moved sharply forward because her arms were forced back, was still of a marvellous firmness. The breasts stuck out without drooping, the waistline was full and plump, the Venus Hill seemed enlarged and was covered with thick black hair, the legs were rather fat and soft.
  The most remarkable change, however, was in Grushenka's bottom. This used to be boyish but was now plump, full and womanly, and swung out from underneath the hips in two blooming buttocks. A woman in her prime stood between the two constables, her long hair floating down over her shoulders, her blue eyes anxiously looking from one to the other and her full mouth imploring them to spare her.
  One of them, in a matter of fact way, took her full breasts and fondled them: she could not protect herself from his dirty hands with her arms painfully bound to her back.
  "I think I'm going to screw her before we mount her up," he said. "She is the fairest of today's newcomers anyway."
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