Mrs Berkley's Horse
Mrs Theresa Berkley
MrTheresa Berkley was probably the most famous dominatrix of all time. Sometimes her surname is spelt Berkeley. Mrs Berkley made a fortune from her flagellation brothel in the fashionable West End of London. She specialised in whipping men and women of wealth. Mrs Berkley died in 1836.
Mrs Berkley is credited with inventing a special whipping frame which is usually referred to as Mrs Berkley's Horse or Mrs Berkeley's Horse.
The English Vice novel called Exhibition of Female Flagellants is thought by some to have been written by Mrs Berkley. This early Victorian erotic novel (or Regency erotic novel to be more precise as to the period) is available to read for free by clicking this link.
A Berkley Horse is also featured in the notorious spanking novel; Experimental Lecture by Colonel Spanker which is available from Google Play.