The Kinky Librarian
Emily, prim and proper, and fresh out of University, is appointed head librarian in a small town. Walter, her assistant-librarian is older. He is an avid reader of ‘spanking’ books and makes frequent visits to London to be spanked by a dominatrix with whom he has fallen in love.
Emily finds the books and whips Walter.
The whipping of Walter unleashes Emily’s femdom tendencies and she becomes The Kinky Librarian.
Enjoy bondage, masochism, sadism, submission, humour and femdom romance in one BDSM novel.
    Emily Keyne was cross. ‘I am so fed up having to repeat myself, Mr Meek.’
    ‘I do apologise for my error, Miss Keyne, the mistake will not recur.’
    ‘You said that the last time you made the same mistake, Mr Meek.’
    Walter Meek was generally of a nervous disposition, more so when in the company of a female. Possibly this was because, when he was at school, he had been thrashed on frequent occasions by the strict headmistress, a Miss Marston. Now he felt he was back in school as Emily Keyne, the new head librarian, sat at her desk. He stood in front of her like an errant schoolboy in the headmistress’s study.
    She glared up at him over her spectacles perched on the end of her pert nose. ‘Everyone make mistakes, Mr Meek. But they should not make the same mistake a second time.’ 
As she was speaking, she reached into a draw, and took out a leather strap, cut into thongs at one end, and laid it on her desk.

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