The Kinky Lawyer
Sadie, a young lawyer, tries to set up her own law firm in ‘Swinging Sixties’ London. But she ends up wearing a mask, carrying a whip, and helping Madam Rosa, who specialises in spanking men.
Then Sadie meets Max Rohmer, a society-charmer, who plunges her into a ‘kinky’ world of sex parties with politicians, diplomats and ‘Iron Curtain’ spies, including Grushenka, a beautiful Russian spy.
On the run, in Madam Rosa’s Gestapo uniform, Sadie has to escape the clutches of both the KGB and the Metropolitan Police.
Enjoy femdom, masochism, sadism, bondage, noose-play, humour and romance in a BDSM thriller.
    ‘Mummy, what a delightful surprise.’ Sadie Teaseman opened her arms wide as she spotted her mother getting out of a Bentley.
    Lady Pandora Teaseman, statuesque and curvy, glided towards her daughter, and the two women embraced beneath the porch light at the entrance to a mansion block.
    Poseidon Wordsworth sat in his stationary car and watched them kiss each other’s cheeks, and hoped that Sadie’s mother was on a very short visit.
    ‘Where is Pansy?’
‘His name is Posy, Mummy. Short for Poseidon. He’s in the car.’
    Her mother squinted towards the Triumph Stag parked in the shadowed darkness. ‘Is he staying the night there? Have you kicked him out of your flat?’
    ‘No, to both questions, Mummy Shall we go in?’
    ‘What a pity you haven’t kicked him out. But as he is still in evidence, could you trouble the little-flower to get my case out of the boot.’
    ‘Will you be staying, Mummy?’
    ‘For a few days, darling. Your father has gone away on business. And I do so hate my own company.’
    ‘I’ll just go and tell Posy to get your case.’
    Sadie left her mother standing under the porch light and went over to the Stag. She tapped on the driver’s window. Posy wound it down, reluctantly. ‘Mummy is staying for a few days. Why are you shaking?’
    ‘Can I sleep in the car?’
    ‘Don’t be silly. It’s going to be a cold night.’
    Posy trembled even more. ‘The last time she came to visit she…’ He could not bring himself to finish the sentence.

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