The Kinky Detective
The Kinky Detective
Sexton Darke is a detective with a kinky secret. He likes to be spanked by women.
He visits Miss Strict and her assistant, Honey Von Trapp to be spanked. Instead, they make him stand on their gallows in a dungeon with a noose around his neck, and say they have been paid, by a mystery woman, to hang him.
He escapes, but is falsely accused of murder and rape and he has to ‘go on the run’ and try to unmask the mystery woman who wants him dead.
Enjoy sadism, masochism, bondage, submission, nooseplay, humour and romance in this BDSM crime novel.
    He stood on the gallows with his arms pinioned behind his back and his knees strapped together. The executioner reached up to the noose dangling in front of his face. She looped it over his head and around his neck and tightened the knot behind his left ear. Out of the corner of his eye, filled with tears, he saw her take a step back. His last blurry vision would be that of a very fat girl wearing only a mask, stiletto boots and gauntlets. Her gloved hand reached for the lever which operated the trapdoor. He closed his eyes and waited to fall, and be jerked, swinging, into oblivion.
    He had arrived to keep his appointment with Miss Strict half an hour before he stood on the gallows. She was dressed demurely in a blouse and a long pleated skirt; only six-inch heels hinted at her profession. They had exchanged smiles as she opened the front door in answer to the jangling bell. No matter how often he came to this house he always had butterflies in the pit of his stomach. And he always made sure he had no identification on him, although she probably knew who he was.

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