The sequel to The Caning Mistress and The Whipping Mistress and book 3 of The Spanking Mistress Trilogy, featuring the Kinky Headmistress, her MILF daughter and BBW granddaughter, spanking and humiliating submissive males.
    Also features Mitzi, a plus-sized sadist in the kinkiest nightclub in England.
    This novel contains femdom and BDSM themes including noose-play.

    ‘I’ve made up my mind to flog the school’, the headmistress said.
    ‘What - literally?’ Francesca, her granddaughter and temporary secretary enquired. ‘Flogging over a hundred boys seems like hard work. But I don’t mind helping.’
    ‘What I meant is that I intend to sell the school, lock, stock and cane. And retire gracefully.’
    ‘So, I’ll be out of a job I’m pleased to say. The only interesting bit is the caning. Of which, there is plenty, one has to admit.’ She extracted a finished letter from her typewriter and handed it to the headmistress for signature.
    ‘Darling, your spelling leaves a lot to be desired.’
    ‘I am a lot to be desired even if I can’t spell.’
    ‘Too many chocolate biscuits.’
    Francesca swivelled her ample buttocks in her typing chair to face the headmistress standing next to the reception desk. And to avoid facing the tempting tin of biscuits, which was almost empty. ‘Who are you going to sell the school to?’ ‘To whom are you going to sell the school, darling. A person named Mrs Wickham will be arriving at eleven.

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