BDSM Romance
The evening before his wedding, Gus gets drunk with Adam, his best man. On a dare, they visit a dungeon for submissive males.
The femdom dungeon belongs to a mother and her daughter. The mother sees Adam as a prospective son in law. The two dominant women invite themselves to Gus’s wedding where they meet the bride’s father; one of their clients. The women then initiate the bride’s mother into BDSM. And Adam gets kidnapped by a sadistic bridesmaid.
Features a cameo appearance by the Kinky Headmistress from The Spanking Mistress Trilogy.
Enjoy bondage, sadism, masochism, submission, nooseplay and romance.

    'You're too young to get married,' Adam said to his best friend, Gus.
    'I'm thirty.'
    'Ninety is too young to get married. I'll have the same again.' He clinked his beer glass on the pub table to emphasise that it was empty.
    Gus stared into his own glass as though he was a fortune teller looking into a crystal ball. 'Is my glass half empty or is it half full? That is the question a philosopher asked.'
    'Pissed was he?'
    'No, it's a good question. The answer says how we look at life. Are we pessimists or optimists?'
    'You'd better be an optimist; you're getting married in the morning. As your best man, I have to say your glass is half empty. And mine's fucking empty.'
    'Yvette is everything I could wish for; beautiful face, beautiful figure, beautiful mind. What more could a man wish for?'
    'One; is she a good fuck? Two; can she cook? Philosophical questions about women I always ask. Followed by the non-philosophical question; how big is her arse.'
    'Yvette has a very pert bottom.'
    'Take it from me, girl's with big arses fuck better.'
    'You're a sexual philistine, do you know that?' Gus stared hard into Adam's glazed eyes. 'Yvette doesn't like me drinking.'
    'That's a good reason to have another pint. You need to lay down a marker, mate. Show her who's boss; that you're not under her thumb.'
    'Have you ever been under a woman's thumb?'
    Adam laughed as though the question was preposterous.

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