Miss Julia Ponsonby is lectured by Colonel Spanker. The Colonel takes Julia by the hand and they all crowd round to see the fun. The victim being a very dark lady, her exposed rump formed quite a contrast to that of Miss Ponsonby's. She was of Spanish extraction, and had a slightly olive tint to the complexion of her skin.
The Captain, as he pulled her drawers fairly down, exclaimed in delight, “Now, Miss Ponsonby, you can enter into the fun of the thing. I think, Colonel, that Miss Julia ought to handle the twigs, and repay on this lady's posteriors some of the indignities she has herself had to feel.”
JULIA—“Oh! Pray excuse me. I'm neither cruel or revengeful. It's so indelicate,” turning down her eyes, and blushing at the sight.
COLONEL—“The Captain has made a most proper suggestion. You must take the birch in hand, Julia, whilst I will whisper in your ear how to apply it, so that we shall soon see if the blood of the Spanish Dons is better than our own blue strain.”
Then producing a very tight fitting pair of drawers, the gentlemen assist the blushing agitated girl to put them on, his lordship taking care to arrange her chemise comfortably inside with his hands, till Julia quite sobs for shame at his prolonged attentions.
CAPTAIN—“What a pretty effect tight fitting drawers give to a modest young lady! They leave so much to the imagination, which acts as a stimulant to our excitement. The unseen invariably has a certain fascination. It is the greatest peculiarity of human nature that we always desire forbidden fruit, and the ladies so thoroughly appreciate the weakness in men that they know the surest way to excite love or admiration is to hide all, or at least the tenderest charms, from sight, leaving us, as we watch their graceful motions, to burn with feverish desire as our heated imaginations picture every thing in the loveliest possible colour.

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