A dominatrix's past comes back to haunt her.
    Miss Stannard is the respected headmistress of a boys' school.
    But she has a secret.
    She worked as a dominatrix when younger.
    One of her pupils, Richard, discovers her secret, and so does Carol, her over-sexed secretary.
    The headmistress becomes a dominatrix again to ensure their silence, aided and abetted by her daughter and granddaughter, both dominant, and by Henry, a muscle-bound submissive.
    They also ensure the silence of Richard's mother and father.
    The Caning Mistress contains strong femdom themes, including caning, whipping and noose-play.

    It was on the fifth or sixth occasion that the discovery took place. He was teetering in a pair of backless high heels when he lost his balance and crashed heavily onto the carpet, breaking a shoe heel. Hastily taking off his mother’s clothes, and putting them back as neatly as he could, and putting on his own clothes, he went down to his father’s tool shed to look for glue.
    Rummaging at the back of a drawer in the dusty workbench, he came across an old supermarket carrier bag. To his astonishment, the bag contained three well-thumbed and dog-eared sex magazines. He guessed who they belonged to, and felt faintly bilious to think that his father should possess such stuff, even if the magazines did look very old. It certainly reflected his father in a new light. He wondered if his mum knew about them and decided that she did not.
    The first two magazines were fairly ordinary; nothing more sensational than he had glimpsed on the top shelf of the corner newsagents. However, the third magazine was of the bizarre and fetish variety. In this, manacled and cowering men were dominated and beaten, with a variety of flagellation instruments, by women. One section of the magazine was headed ‘vintage pics’. Three of the vintage pics featured a young woman; he guessed about his age, with short-cropped hair, and deliciously curvy.
    In two of the pics, she was in the act of whipping a naked man who was chained to a post. Her black, shiny, leotard costume was held together by crossed lacing at the sides and front. The front lacing was loosened so that both nipples were displayed. Her stance indicated that the male victim was about to receive another slash from a cat o’nine tails. In one of the other pictures, she appeared full face, with a snarling, domineering expression. He goggled at it. There was no mistake. He was quite certain who it was. He was looking at a young Miss Vanessa Stannard, now the headmistress of his school.

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